"If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world."

-C.S. Lewis

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Of Art and Squirrels

I love fall. I love the colors, the smell of burning leaves, I love Halloween, and I love the cooler weather. My collections of boots and hats emerge from my closet, with much excitement, for the next 7 months or so (usually until I begin to get strange looks for wearing boots in 70 degree weather, then sadly, I lovingly pack them away for the summer).

I find myself "nesting", like a squirrel, at this time of year. Most people do spring cleaning each year when the weather turns nice, I do a bit of that, too. But in the fall, I find myself doing a major overhaul of my family's belongings. Like a furry critter I declutter, clean, and organize- all in preperation of hibernating for the long winter ahead. Living in beautiful Michigan, our winters are hard. Really. We have had snow so deep, you can go sledding off of your roof, and that is just the lower peninsula. In the upper peninsula, they have doors on the second story of their homes, so they can get out in the winter. My point is- we spend alot of time indoors during long, cold, snowstormy days.

The same goes for my business, too. My website is getting a major makeover right now and my Etsy shop is getting a facelift. I am retaking photos that I am unhappy with, checking my links (and adding new ones), listing new items, and marketing. I am expanding my online presence and meeting some great new people! My studio has recently been reorganized and cleaned, as well. It is amazing what treasures you rediscover when you organize your bead and wire stash! Now is also the time to look ahead to next year's art shows and decide which ones to participate in (will it truly be worth the while to drive all the way to Chicago for a show?)

Don't get me wrong...I am the Queen of Procrastination. But during the fall my "organization instinct" overrides my deeply ingrained sense of dalliance. And I am thankful for this. Some of my favorite days are in the middle of winter, snowbound, with nothing more to do than be with my family and create jewelry.

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mermaiden said...

i'm with you- autumn de-cluttering is a great way to head into winter. take with you what you need.

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