"If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world."

-C.S. Lewis

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mad Tea Party- Full Moon Magic (and a give-away)

There is something in the air...

While making my morning rounds in the garden,
I caught a glimpse of a something peeking through the flowers.

And then a small giggle...

I must be going mad I said aloud,

Not yet, dearie, but you are on your way!
I turned to see a spider scurry off. She called behind-
Full Moon Magic is in the air...

Of course! I should have expected this! I glanced up to the sky.

Don't bother looking up. The party is down here!
Mrs. Toad called as she left her house and scurried quickly under the Lemon Balm.
Now hurry on, don't be late!

Late? Party? I knelt down to inspect closer.

I parted the flowers to follow her.

Hey! Do you mind?!
A tiny voice shouted at me.

Oh! Who said that?! Certainly I must be mad now!

Well, you most definitely are nosy!
We are getting ready for the party, now please leave our room!

the ferns scolded. They pointed me in the direction of the party.

I apologized for barging in and went on my way.
I continued crawling through the flowers in search of Mrs. Toad.
Past the geraniums and foxgloves. Through the hollyhocks and daisies.

The garden did not end as I thought it should, but opened into a misty scene with a beautiful tree in the center.

Now I could hear giggling and voices near the tree, so I went closer, curiously.
At first I saw nothing, but then...

Oh good, you're here! Mrs. Toad's voice called to me.
Still, I saw nothing. I closed my eyes.
Certainly, I am dreaming!

You are not dreaming. Open your eyes now.

I opened my eyes onto the most amazing scene!

There was teacups full of rose petal tea, cupcakes sprinkled with little candies,
ribbons, sparkles, bouquets of flowers.
A very curious little group enjoyed the goodies while chatting and quibbling amongst themselves.

Well, I made the cupcakes, so naturally I should eat them all
said the boy in a feathered cap.
Well, that is fine, but don't expect any of my cookies the girl argued back.

Why don't you share the treats? I chimed in.
They looked at me in wonder.

You know, I think she may be right! the boy said.
Well, it's worth a try. said the girl.

They continued munching treats and chatting.

The table was set with all sorts of delicious treats and beautiful trinkets and baubles.

I'm glad you found your way. Do sit down and join us.
Mrs. Toad said,
never mind them, they bicker and quibble. But they are quite entertaining, and besides,
the cakes are delicious!

I sat there with the odd party enjoying the treats and conversation
until the wee hours of the night.
At long last, I sleepily said my thank you's to the hosts.
I really didn't want to leave this magical little scene,
but knew I must.

Bye dearie, see you in the garden! Mrs. Toad waved.
I waved as I set off to find my way back through the flowers.

My path seemed to glow from the light of the full moon.
The giggling and clinking of tea cups faded into the distance behind me.

The next morning I awoke to find a beautiful trinket
on my bedside table...
a curvy, copper remnant of tea party magic.

A perfectly lovely little trinket to hold back unruly tresses, or to hold your shawl closed on chilly evenings in the garden.

I would love to pass this magic on to you...

drop me a note below and it may be yours!

Be sure to leave your email address so that I can contact you!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An Invitation...

You are cordially invited...

to follow me down the rabbit hole.

There will be tea, cakes, treats, and treasures.

Perhaps even a surprise guest or two.

Join my friends and I at our Mad Tea Party this Saturday!

If you would like to participate, I'm sure there is still time!

We are busily baking, frosting, decorating and glittering!

With only a little sneaky taste here and there...

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Catching Up and Checking In

I hope you all haven't forgotten about me. My adventures in blogland seem to get pushed to the back burner when my life gets hectic. We had Kindergarten graduation and now summer vacation is officially underway! I am now trying to find a new balance between my business and little ones who are home all day long needing attention. Sometimes I have to remind myself that the choice to work from home was made so that I can be here for my little ones. I am working on creative ways to get my work done and still supply them with wonderful memories of summer fun. We have been going outside in the morning and having fun, and then coming in for the heat of the day. They work on art projects or have some rest time while I get some jewelry projects done. I cannot tolerate the heat (I am like a flower, you know, and wilt when it gets too warm...) so this plan seems to work pretty well. I am getting ready for several large art shows this summer and am furiously trying to stock up on inventory.
Here are a few goodies that I have been working on~

wire wrapped copper jasper pendant

vintage assemblage locket This is a vintage assemblage locket that I just love. Inside I tucked photos of two of my great-uncles, both military men. One was missing-in-action in WWII and the other led a very interesting life as a Merchant Marine.

vintage assemblage locket

handmade wirewrapped copper pentacle

welded hex nut belt buckleThis belt buckle was created by my husband, Pudge. Wouldn't it make a great Father's Day present for some lucky dad?

Introducing my newest eye ring color! To be listed this weekend in my Etsy shop! I think this one is going to be popular!

As you can probably see, I have discovered Picnik for photo editing. Where have I been?? I could have used this ages ago. I think I am hooked. I love experimenting with it's different effects. I absolutely love the 60's effect!

brass gypsy earringsI promise to do better with keeping in touch and will post pictures of some special order work soon (hint...think horses)!
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