"If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world."

-C.S. Lewis

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ancient Dreams...

I have always had dreams of another existence.

Images flash when I close my eyes of bonfires with men bearing swords and furs sitting around, laughing in celebration.
They are raising their mugs and slapping each other on the back, the sound of drums resonates throughout.

wolf tooth copper pendant
And in the Forest...
Running, climbing, living among the trees.
Gathering berries and lazing next to a stream.
It is beautiful.

wolf tooth earrings
These visions are a part of my inner self.
They are my sanctuary when I need a place to hide. I have so many dreams and visions like this, surely they must have been from a past life.

wolf tooth and feather penannular brooch
I have often suppressed these inspirations when creating my jewelry. Deciding instead to create what I thought others would want to see.
I have always been been a bit eccentric, never following the rules. So, why would my jewelry designs be any different?

Lately, I have been listening more to my heart. And I like it. And apparently, so do others.
My new designs have been very popular, for which I am extremely thankful. It is so inspiring to create something that is a part of your soul and have others fall in love with it.

It encourages me to create more of these wilderness inspired designs. I don't really have a good name for this style...Feral Fantasy? Wilder
ness Gypsy? Celtic Tribal?
Believe me, there are many more rolling around in this noggin' of mine.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Halloween is past, and November comes with it's cold bite and frosty mornings. I have had to dig out knit hats and mittens for the kids to take to school. Can you believe it is November?
The holidays are right around the corner now, and the time seems to fly by faster each year.

Does time go by faster as we get older because we appreciate it more? Or do we appreciate time more because it goes by faster as we get older? Anyway, I wish it would slow down.
I wish I could freeze it right now, with my daughter reading beginner books
and her front teeth missing.
I wish I could freeze it right now with my son learning to write his name and him still wanting to hug me all the time.

I have been thinking about my grandpa alot lately. He passed away while I was on my honeymoon. He didn't get to come to my wedding because he was in the hospital. I hate that he never met my husband, and that my kids will never get to meet him.

He introduced me to Willie Nelson (the only country music that I will listen to) and I thought this song fitting for today.

I also am missing our sweet furry baby, Scotta. She was a 100# Boxer lapdog. She was so lovey and funny. It has been 5 years since she passed and my husband and I still laugh about things she used to do.

So today , on Dia de Los Muertos, I remember my loved ones who have gone
and I will hug my loved ones who are still with me,
and tell them that I love them.

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