"If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world."

-C.S. Lewis

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Awaiting Spring

Well, the wheel of time is turning away. Turning the hours into days and the days into weeks. I started the year well enough, with new and creative ideas and projects brewing. But then a curious thing happened. I got caught up in meetings, household chores, deadlines to meet, and the general mundane tasks of a hectic life. And I have lost track of the time.

But, with the new season coming there is new hope! I shall slow down. I shall get more sleep and take better care of my body in order to be my best! I have big plans for the coming year, and aim to share those plans here with you.

As a much needed day out, my family and I went to our favorite museum- The Grand Rapids Public Museum. We are members here and go quite often. The Bodies exhibit was visiting and I planned to take pictures and share them with you. Alas, picture taking is not allowed in the exhibit, and so I have none to share . I will say that if you have the opportunity to visit the Bodies exhibit near you, you should go! It was truly amazing!

The Victorian Carousel is so beautiful and the kids love to ride it. I think my husband does too, he always insists on riding with my son.

They have a beautiful section that replicates the city streets in Victorian times. We could wander there all day. I love visiting all the little shops to see how different things were.

I love these boots! They also have a whole wall of interesting hats from around the world.

A huge whale skeleton hangs from the cieling. My husband and I were here late on evening for a laser light show in the planetarium and they had a wedding set up on this lower floor. It was so beautiful looking out on the river with lights twinkling everywhere. There is something almost comforting about being amongst all these old artifacts and pieces of history.

My favorite section is the natural history and taxidermy section. The kids love to look at all the animals and birds. My husband and I usually find a seat in this section and let the kids wander, it is so fun to see them excited about learning.

I have also started a Daisy Girl Scout Troop at my daughter's school. After asking at the Council about a troop for my daughter to join, they said they had nothing for her, unless I wanted to start a troop. My mom was my troop leader when I was a girl, and I figured it was my duty to pass that on. So I jumped in! We are having a great time!

I am looking very forward to spring arriving. I think that a bit of my frustation was cabin fever. I can't wait to dig in my garden and to smell and feel the dirt. I have big plans for my garden this year! I think I will mostly concentrate on greenery. Ferns, Ivies, trailing tendrils. I have a vision in my head of a cool, lush, green surrounding and I am prepared to work for it! We still have several inches of snow, but I can see the grass peeking out here and there. I do know one other creature who is looking forward to spring- my sweet girl, Jezebel. She is definitely a warm weather dog!

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